This is a social enterprise set up to curb unemployment and poverty among the youth.Hyma Academy is an institution that emulates how one turns life’s lemons into lemonade. In the year 2015 a young lady saw the increasing number of people educated and uneducated that were home without a means of income.

Joanita herself unemployed after graduating with a Bsc Economics from Central University saw in this challenge a strength that needed to be nurtured. Right there and then, HYMA academy was birthed and registered in Ghana in October 2015.

We at HYMA are well aware that responding to the requirements of a changing environment implies constantly redefining our training programs , reworking the contents in the light of the objectives and designing methods best suited to the individual needs of our participants. As such we are always improving our services and developing new modules.


— Our Mission

Our mission is promote the development and delivery of an optimum high quality skills training to aid reduce high unemployment rates in the continent through a boost of entrepreneurial activity. It is our objective to transfer knowledge and skills and to develop a professional attitude among our participants


— Our Vision

To be a renowned brand in skills development and training in Africa working towards reducing unemployment through self reliance and entrepreneurship.

our team

Joanita Addo


Dennis Kofi Borti