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The background of HYMA Academy is very interesting. It’s a story of transforming the challenges life throws at you into pure unrefined gold using a rejected stone.

Vocational & technical training has been pushed aside since time immemorial in Ghana. Our sole aim at HYMA is to bring TVET to the limelight and to help solve youth unemployment and poverty through this media in Ghana.

HYMA offers training sessions in:

  • Bead making
  • Millinery
  • Wig making
  • Sanitizers manufacturing
  • Liquid soap
  • Bleach & antiseptic formulation

— Beadmaking Training

Bead making is a cash cow skill that’s been around for decades with slight modifications. In as much as beading can be cumbersome to learn you can be assured of becoming a top-notch accessory maker with HYMA. No prior hairdressing experience needed Bead making is divided into 3 stages.

Stage 1 – Ghc650

– Intro to beading : history, tools, materials and equipments

– Intro to the color wheel – How to read patterns

– How to make waistbeads

– 10 jewelry designs (earrings & necklaces)

– How to make beaded slippers – How to take pictures for your work

– Offline and online marketing

Stage 2 – Ghc620

– How to bead tissue boxes

– How to bead bags

– Colour wheel

– Offline and online marketing

Duration is 3 weeks & 6 week depending on if class is being taken on a weekday or weekend.

NOTE Materials are exclusive of cost. You can purchase from in house shop or bring your own.


— Wig-making Training

Wigs are ubiquitous with females. One can own as much as 10 pcs and get still strive to buy more. For many, having your own hair on is a chore which they can’t accommodate and that’s where wig makers cash in. Hair business is a very lucrative one. This skill is also a must for anyone that has plans of studying or staying outside the country. No prior hairdressing experience needed.

Rate Ghc350

Course outline

Short hair/ Rihana : – Gluing method+ cutting (pixie cutting )

Human hair : – sewing method+ ceiling + invisible

Crochet braids 


Duration 1 week or 4 weeks depending on if lesson is being taken during weekends or on weekdays.

NOTE Materials are exclusive of cost. You can purchase from in house shop or bring your own


— Millinery

Lessons start in March 2021

Pre registration open.


— Sanitizers

Lessons start from March 2021

Pre registration open


— Liquid
Soap making

In an era where we are living with corona virus, washing of hands has become paramount. We have all been admonished to wash our hands regularly. It is thus very important to invest in this skill for either commercial or personal purposes

Rate: Ghc210

Cost includes materials.


— Bleach and Antiseptic

Lessons start from March 2021

Pre registration open

HYMA welcomes everyone to our sessions.  Over the period of time we’ve welcomed the unemployed, people in need of a second stream of income, house wives & students.Your training sessions can be taken on an private basis / group at the comfort of your home or our studio. You can be rest assured of finishing a pro. All your needs & concerns will be taken care of by our well versed facilitators who will go the extra mile to ensure all your concerns have been taken care of. No prior experience/ knowledge required, just come with a heart ready to learn.  Impact & community development is very important to us. Our trainees pledge to also train at least 1 person in their community. When you have more than what you need, build a longer table and not a higher fence – Unknown